My Non-Opiate, Natural

Pain Relief Story

Derek playing with monkeys in Bali


I’d like to make how I discovered kratom as short and sweet as possible of a story, as many, many reasons exist to seek this miracle plant. Primarily I’ve found that people are trying to cope with pain without the pharmaceutical monkey on their back.  Personally, I began using kratom regularly for back pain/ sciatica relief. I also struggled with opiate addiction throughout my pain-medicating career. Opiate addiction is the second-most reason I hear from kratom users, and I can personally vouch for this plant’s magical properties that will indeed alleviate all withdrawal symptoms, regardless of the drug— Dilaudid, Morphine, Oxycontin, “Roxy”, Hydrocodone, Norco, Methadone.  Even Heroin users can effectively use kratom as a taper-off remedy with little to no discomfort. The pharmaceutical companies would see fit to keep you addicted to Methadone or Suboxone and regularly having to submit to privacy-invading drug tests, all while pumping some of the most dependence-forming drugs of all. If you go without kratom for a day, the worst you’ll feel is a bit of fatigue. In comparison, ask a methadone patient what it’s like to go through withdrawal.

As I previously stated, many reasons exist for consuming this wonder plant. Beyond pain relief, I know people that use kratom in lieu of anti-depressants, benzodiazepines, alcohol, and even for smoking cessation. Energy boosts without the nerve-rattling shakes is another huge benefit of this plant, which is a cousin of the coffee plant family (Rubiaceae). After 2 years of locally purchasing and distributing within my own network of friends, as well as constantly marveling at its profound effects, I decided to sample straight from the source.  I booked a flight to Indonesia and went to Thailand shortly after, with the main goal of finding the best quality kratom I could.

My first experience in a kratom field was otherworldly!!! Haha, okay guilty of sarcasm here; it was just a field of trees, really. But in visiting farms in both countries, I experienced fresh, quality kratom unlike what I experienced from the local headshops. Not to mention, at a fraction of the price!  Not accustomed to getting both quality AND affordability, I decided to start ordering directly from the Borneo Island farm I had just visited, straight from Indonesia. In pure middleman-eliminating fashion, we’ve worked out a final price with shipping that I can now pass on the savings, and more importantly, provide the MOST AFFORDABLE, HIGHLY POTENT, LABORATORY TESTED kratom offered in the states, unrefined and unadulterated from its origins in and around Indonesia. But don’t take my word for it….. open a new tab and web search a lb. of Maeng Da, or any strain for that matter, and check their price against mine! See if they have a laboratory report, or personal trips to the countries of origin, or if they’re personal users, and even have a phone number to contact… ? These are important questions!

Free yourself from your ailments in an alternative fashion, as the Balinese and Thai have been doing for over a century! It is of upmost importance that you are satisfied with your choice. If you are not, however, call me and I’ll personally exchange your product or refund your money. That’s my guarantee.






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